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Version 4.0.0

Issues and features in milestone 4.0

Migration Details


  • IF YOUR MONGO IS INSTALLED ON SEPARATE HOST, WE WOULD LIKE TO DRAW YOUR ATTENTION ON NEW URI FORMAT: RP_MONGO_URI=mongodb://localhost:27017. Please, refer to MongoDB documentation to get more details

  • ElasticSearch has been introduced. Please, make sure vm.max_map_count kernel setting is defined as it's described in the official ES guide to prepare your environment Please, make sure you give right permissions to ES data folder (as described in the official guide)

mkdir data/elasticsearch
chmod g+rwx data/elasticsearch
chgrp 1000 data/elasticsearch
  • Please, refer to the last version of docker-compose example for more details

Agent Compatibility Details

  • TestNG: Versions of TestNG framework below 6.10 are not supported
  • JVM Clients v3 can be extended to support ReportPortal server v.4.

New features

  • New version of Auto Analyzer

Ru Video

En Video

  • #48 IGNORE flag for AA to skip item next time;
  • #227 Boost human priority;
  • A label for auto-analysed test cases (AA) is added;
  • An AA action is added to the test cases` history on a Log view;
  • Added a filter for test items with a label AA
  • Retries and Auto-Analyzer


Github Improvements

  • #254 Added possibility to post bug with a correct link based on Unique ID to test item
  • #238 Added possibility to add a domain without a dot;
  • #230 Escaped logs filter term after refresh
  • #141 Added tags in e-mail body
  • #217 Added possibility to print dashboards (print CSS)
  • #212 Added search for "Add shared widget" window
  • #213 Added possibility to add an own shared widget on an own dashboard
  • #105 Changing a dropdown list on a slider to set a log level
  • #22 Added a filter by a launch number
  • #276 Keep logs and screenshots for a long period of time (forever)
  • #210 Image viewer not close
  • #189 Added feature "Copy result from previous run"
  • #133 ALL DASHBOARDS: Added possibility for List view
  • #250 Support for custom types of defects
  • #136 Added a filter for linked bugs
  • #119 Added test parameters on a Step and Log view
  • #26 LDAPS protocol support
  • #270 Report Portal Email Notification should have "link" configuration
  • #247 Get launch's URL using ReportPortal agent-java-testNG
  • #242 "Replace Comments to All Selected Items" should be checked only after a comment is typed

Widgets Improvements

Widgets refactoring:

  • Launch execution & issue statistics widget refactoring with C3.js library;
  • Launch statistics line chart refactoring with C3 library Investigated; percentage of launches refactoring with C3.js library;
  • Different launches comparison chart refactoring with C3 library;
  • Failed cases trend chart refactoring with C3 library;
  • Non-Passed test-cases trend chart with C3 library;
  • Test-Cases growth trend chart refactoring with C3 library;
  • Launches duration chart refactoring with C3 library;
  • Refactor charts for All launches & defect type page & launches table widget with refactoring with C3 library;
  • Refactoring of charts on Project Info page;

Line chart widget improvements:

  • Combine line chart and trend chart together;
  • Added new zoom functionality on Line chart;
  • #232 Added possibility to combine custom defects type on a Line chart widget;

The most failed test cases widget:

  • Changing a design;
  • Changing a mechanism of a results calculating (based on Unique ID);
  • Added a name of chosen defect type on a widget view;

Other widget improvements:

#174 Widget silent update (save an actions with a legend after an auto-refresh); Added test parameters separately from description;

Improvements on ReportPortal

  • Added Cheat Sheets to the documentation on ReportPortal (“Installation steps”);
  • Added possibility to correct and improve documentation on by our Users;
  • Added twitter widget;
  • Added YouTube widget;
  • Added a collapsing function for a documentation menu;
  • Added new section for easy downloading "Download"
  • Added Docker-compose.yml generator
  • Added extended scheme of agents` working

Minor Improvements

  • History table is grouping test items by Unique ID;
  • Added ALL to multie drop-down list;
  • Added clickable elements on Management board
  • Remove match issue
  • Added mechanism based on UID to Merge functionality
  • Added"check All" to dropdown lists;

Bug fixes


  • #249 Notification rule for launch in Debug
  • #4 Correct a link on Jenkins plugin
  • #268 Warning about an outdated browser
  • #218 system-out is not recognized when importing junit
  • #255 Invalid link for the test in the "FOUND IN" column
  • #322 Make startTestItemRQ in API 4.x case insensitive
  • #317 Bad request. The importing file has invalid format. 'There are invalid xml files inside.
  • #314 Set up different "superadmin" password
  • #307 Cucumber Java Agent – Steps are sporadically missing from the test’s logs
  • #305 JBehave NPE if givenStory=true for root story
  • #281 system-out is not recognized when importing junit
  • #188 Error Message: Start time of child ['Wed Jul 19 12:53:49 UTC 2017'] item should be same or later than start time ['Wed Jul 19 12:53:49 UTC 2017'] of the parent item/launch '596f565d2ab79c0007b48b46' Error Type: CHILD_START_TIME_EARLIER_THAN_PARENT

Agent bugs

  • #220 Cucumber-JVM: RP throws exception, when there is no features match the filter
  • #229 Unable to view logs for some test items
  • #3 Race condition failures: lost logs and failures