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Version 4.2.0


  • #417 Segregation of AA settings in a separate section
  • #417 Added a possibility to configure ML;
  • #417 Added a possibility to remove/generate ElasticSearch index (ML education);
  • #381 Auto-Analysis: AA for the current launch (analogue of our previous feature "Match issue);
  • #382 Auto-Analysis: Possibility to chose which items should be auto-analysed in the launch ( With "To investigate", Already auto-analysed, analysed manually) ; Documentation about auto-analysis is here
  • #366 Bulk operation for Unlink issues in BTS;


  • #103 HAR viewer for attached .har files;
  • #326 Clickable launch number on a history line;
  • #328 Clickable History table;
  • #329 Duration in format MM:SS
  • #384 #613 Option for "Tag" filter - "Not contain"
  • #339 OAuth App on GitHub requires the user scope instead of read:user
  • "Load issue" has been renamed to "Link issue"
  • Added infinite session in full-screen mode(for using ReportPortal dashboards on screens)

Before using the last function, please visit Profile page for the auto-generation of API token.


  • #374 Logs with level Error (40 000) and higher are considered in ElasticSearch
  • #376 Unnecessary logging of all items in the run in case if run cannot be completed
  • #371 Unable to connect ldap
  • #251 Internal Server Error if no external system id is specified
  • #292 Embedded cucumber log attachments are displayed incorrectly via reportportal
  • #380 Issue with retry: negative statistics #380
  • Fixed bug with disappearing numbers on mobile version of All launches

All issues and features are in milestone 4.2