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Version 5.0.0

Finally we are glad to introduce a new release of ReportPortal. In this version we have:

  • Migrated to PostgreSQL
  • Migrated to React JS
  • Removed Consul
  • Introduced RabbitMQ for asynchronous reporting\
  • Introduced a plugin system
  • Improved performance x3

Installation details


Jira, Rally, SauceLabs integration now will work through the plugin functionality. You need to download latest JAR package from our Bintray repository, and drag-n-drop it ReportPortal in Administrative section -> Plugins.

Read more here.

Available plugins to download:

Brand new features

  • #275 #639 Nested steps
  • #348 Integration with SauceLabs
  • #673 #486 Pattern analysis
  • #675 Auto-updated wWidget based on launch attributes (Cumulative trend chart, Component Health Check)
  • 15 sub-defects per defect type
  • #41 Sub-defects for “To investigate”
  • Replace tags with attributes (attributes = key:value)
  • #680 Implement a plugin system for integration with external systems (JIRA, Rally, SauceLabs, E-mail server)
  • A possibility to change status of test item
  • A view with a test item s list from different launch (Clickable area for Overall statistics, Component Health Check widget)

Reporting updates

  • Reduced restriction for synchronous reporting
  • Fully asynchronous reporting with api/v2
  • #275 #639 Reporting with Nested steps (see section Agents Updates)
  • #526 #444 Logs/attachments for launch level (see section Agents Updates)
  • #571 #451 Finish launch with populated status
  • #670 Interruption children “in progress” when a parent has been finished
  • #671 #548 Reporting test code reference (see section Agents Updates)
  • #490 Reporting test into finished Parent Item
  • A possibility to report tests with Test Case ID (ID number from your test management system)

Small and nice updates

  • #453 Launch description and attributes on the suite view
  • #606 Markdown on the Log page (no need in !!!MARKDOWN MODE!!!)
  • Possibility to configure integrations (Jira/Rally/ E-mail-server/ SauceLabs) per project and for the whole instance
  • #618 Increase limitation for step name length from 256 to 1024
  • #457 Increase password length
  • Auto launch deleting
  • Increase the number of launches for widgets from 150 to 600

Bug fixing

  • #522 Defect comment is not updated during deleting
  • #542 Issue with History line
  • #542 Unable to create a link to the result log page - page keeps reloading
  • #563 DOM XSS in
  • #564 There is no possibility to enter login/password for email settings with RU local

Administrative page updates

  • New design
  • Possibility to filter projects and users
  • Plugin system
  • #364 Possibility to delete personal projects

Agents update

  • Reporting with Nested steps (already updated TestNG)
  • Logs/attachments for launch level (already updated TestNG)
  • Reporting test code reference (already updated Java-based agents)
  • Reporting test case ID (already updated Java-based agents)

Test frameworks integration

  • The majority of test framework integrations (agents) of v4 supported by ReportPortal v5.0 backward compatibility. But do not use latest features, capabilities and performance upgrades (NestedSteps, Re-run, re-tries, etc.)
  • Please take latest agents started with 5.* in order to get full support of RPv5 features (work in progress, agents will be released soon)

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