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Version 5.1.0

Important: We are constantly improving ReportPortal. And in version 5.1 we have changed a way we encrypt your personal data. Please be aware, that for successful interaction with version 5.1 you need to change a password at the first login. Please read instructions below.

Thank you for being with us, ReportPortal team

Brand new features

  • #893 Improved ML in Аuto-Autoanalysis 2.0
  • #894 History line improvements
  • #896 History table for the whole Launch/Filter
  • #899 Possibility to compare results from: Launch/Launch; Launch/Filter; Filter/Filter
  • Java 11 introduced

Reporting updates

  • #895 Explicit declaration of Test Case ID: Possibility to report execution with Test Case ID from your Test Case Management system

Small and nice updates

  • #586 Clickable area for widgets:
    • Overall statistics bar view
    • Failed case trend chart
    • Non-passed test cases trend chart
    • Passing rate per filter
    • Cumulative trend chart
    • Most popular pattern table (TOP-20)
  • Added a launch UUID in the modal "Edit Launch"
  • Added a possibility to resize the Cumulative trend chart widget.
  • Refactored auto-complete component
  • Introduced Java 11 for API
  • #744 Migrated to Traefik 2

Bug fixing

  • Added a considering of nested steps logs in an auto-analysis procedure
  • #741 Added a possibility to collapse/expand additional launch info on Launches Table widget.
  • #870 Fixed a possibility to send link to BTS on an item finish
  • #447 Fixed launch inactivity scripts
  • Fixed launch/attachments/screenshots deleting scripts
  • #746 Backward compatibilities for !!!MARKDOWN!!! in logs
  • #768 Added markdown support for video links in logs
  • #740 Fixed a possibility to view a full launch name in widgets tooltips
  • #749 Fixed a scroll in full-screen mode for widgets

Known issues

LDAP returns Code 500 when the integration configuration is not correct

How to migrate to the latest version 5.1

Details can be found here