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Version 5.3.3

New features

  • Increased number of launches for Cumulative trend chart from 600 to 10 000 launches

Small and nice updates

  • Added expanded failed items by default. Improved an alignment of arrows and step names on Log view
  • Launches. Log view. Attachment section. Gallery improvement for reducing the number of clicks
  • Added a possibility to add attributes to refine rather than replace them
  • [UI] Show first 5 lines for defect comment instead of 2 first lines on Step view and on Log view
  • Increased a description for widgets/dashboards/filters to 1500 symbols

Analyzer improvements

  • Analyzer. Add more options for log lines in settings
  • Added a boosting feature for the similarity between log lines with more important namespaces


  • Fixed: #867 Very poor scroll performance
  • Fixed: #1128 Wrong password in the email letter when adding a new user
  • Fixed: #1182 Year in footer copyright text is not up to date
  • Fixed #857 Total Failed count is not matched with Test cases after Merging the multiple Launches [ deep merge]
  • Fixed: #911 Widget table column width (Unique bugs table)
  • Fixed: #871 Launch duration chart label "seconds"
  • Fixed: #1050 Add UUID data to TestItem Controller when querying using filters
  • Fixed: #1184 No history of test-items with defect
  • Fixed: History. Compare functionality. The custom column has items from 1st execution instead of the latest one
  • Fixed: 'Add new widget' from Launches page in case no dashboards on the project
  • Fixed: Only one attribute is returned for the launches in 'Launches table' widget
  • Fixed: Only the first 12 attachments are displayed in 'Attachments' section
  • [Performance] Issue with DB CPU utilization of "Flaky" widget query
  • Fixed unclassified errors from inserts of issues for failed items