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Version 5.7.0

New Features:

A possibility to see all unique errors for a launch
#1268. Support of Azure SAML authorization

New Plugins:

Small and Nice Updates:

  • New design for Make decision modal
  • Help & Support functionality for newly deployed instances
  • Additional configuration for Similar “To Investigate” functionality (“Min Should Match”)
  • Default State for Auto-Analysis is ON


  • New logic for removing widget has been implemented (deleting a parent widget doesn’t delete the child widget)
  • #1603. Attributes. Error on cancel edit common attributes in "Edit items" modal
  • #1181. Most Failed Tests and Most Flaky Tests widgets: wrong time is shown
  • #1606. Component Health Check Widget not working after Upgrade
  • #1616. Component health check (table view) widget for HotProd filter does not load results and keeps spinning

Performance Improvements:

  • 3x improved performance of project index generation for Auto-Analysis
  • Refactored and optimized retry items processing
  • Increased Auto-Analysis performance by updating the communicating interface between API and ANALYZERS