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Components Overview


Gateway is a main entry point to application services. It is in-charge of routing requests to appropriate service and load balancing. There are two options proposed:

API Service

The API service is the core of ReportPortal TestOps tool. It is in-charge of handling incoming requests from agents and UI.

UAT Service

The UAT (Unified Authorization Trap) service is module that authenticate users and creates/revokes user tokens. It supports various types of authentication mechanisms:

  • Basic Auth
  • GitHub Auth (OAuth2)
  • LDAP Auth The UAT service itself is a OAuth2 server that authenticates a user using mechanisms mentioned below and creates internal OAuth2 token which is used by UI and agents. There are two types of tokens:
  • UI (expiring token)
  • API - non-expiring token, intended to use on agent side

Analyzer Service

Keeps index of user logs per project and provides ability to perform search by that index. Used by auto-analysis functionality.
Collects and processes the information, then sends it to Elasticsearch.

Migrations Service

Database migrations written in Go. Migrate reads migrations from sources and applies them in correct order to a database.

Index Service

The Index services handle requests that do not match any pattern of other services. It also aggregates some information/health data from other services to provide UI with that information.

UI Service

All statics for user interface.