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Reducing regression time by 50%

EPAM helps a Canadian retail company to reverse-engineer their legacy IBM-based store management system to a modern tech stack. As part of this project, ReportPortal was deployed as a centralized test reporting tool.


  • Unavailble environments (15VMs) blocked by aggregation scripts
  • High risk of aggregation fail: 1 in 10 aggregations fails. In case of a fail, the whole regression should be re-run.
  • Constant regression fails move weekly releases for 1 day
  • Lack of information for investigation: no screenshots/no history/no structure/no all info
  • Duplicated analysis efforts: missing history of test cases and known issues


  • Simplified test run reporting by integrating the test framework with
  • Distributed test execution data for root cause analysis: logs/screenshots/ attachments
  • Provided a possibility for AI-based defects triage and manual triage
  • Provided clear reporting for non-technical stakeholders
  • Real-time reporting
  • Save on early reaction: team result analysis right after execution started in real time
  • Collaborative results analysis
  • Test Case History helped to identify flaky test cases
  • Extended ML Analyzer