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What is ReportPortal?

ReportPortal is a TestOps service, that provides increased capabilities to speed up results analysis and reporting through the use of built-in analytic features.

ReportPortal is a great addition to Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing process.

ReportPortal is distributed under the Apache v2.0 license, and it is free to use and modify, even for commercial purposes. We offer the only paid premium feature – Quality Gates.

If a company is interested in our services, we can provide support hours to deploy, integrate, configure, or customize the tool, as well as SaaS options.

What ReportPortal can do?

  • Mainstream platforms integration

ReportPortal seamlessly integrates with mainstream platforms such as Jenkins, Jira, BDD process, majority of Functional and Unit testing frameworks.

  • Real-time results

Real-time integration provides businesses the ability to manage and track execution status directly from the ReportPortal.

  • Test case execution results structure

Test case execution results are stored following the same structure you have in your reporting suites and test plan. The test cases are shown together with all related data in one place, right where you need it: logs, screenshots, binary data. The execution pipeline of certain test cases are also available for you, so one can see previous test execution report in one click.

  • Collaborative analysis

Our test report dashboard also gives you the ability to collaboratively analyze the test automation results and quickly get automation test report. Particular test cases can be associated with a product bug, an automation issue, a system issue or can be submitted as an issue ticket directly from the execution result.

  • Historical data of test execution

ReportPortal provides enhanced capabilities along with auto-results analysis by leveraging historical data of test execution.

  • Automatic Analysis

With each execution, ReportPortal automatically figures out the root cause of a fail. As a result of AI-based defects triage, ReportPortal is marking a test result with a flag. Engineers will be alerted about this issue to provide further analysis: if it has been resolved already or which test results require actual human analysis.

What technologies are used?

Considering a high load rate and performance requirements, we use cutting edge technologies such as:

  • PostgreSQL - The World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database.

  • REST Web Service - lightweight requests, industry standard.

  • Mobile responsive UI - check it at any mobile device with the default browser.

Benefits of report automation with ReportPortal

Report automation is the procedure by which reports are routinely and automatically refreshed.

  • Speedy decision-making

Report automation is an effective technique to provide information that is essential to business operations. Delivering crucial information to the appropriate people at the appropriate time becomes considerably quicker and simpler by automatically generated reports. It allows to get business faster insights and drive better decisions.

  • Accurate data

In ReportPortal, you have fully real-time analytic report automation. Since the reports are automatically generated, you are insured against human error when reports are generated manually.

  • Advanced reporting

ReportPortal offers widgets with a user-friendly visual interface to create interactive reports for all your needs. For example, you can build qa metrics dashboard using Overall statistics, Unique bugs table, Passing rate summary widgets.

  • Easily running CI/CD tests

ReportPortal is CI/CD agnostic tool solution. You can use any CI environment to run automated tests to improve quality of product by catching issues early in development lifecycle.