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Integration with testRigor

Establish integration with the testRigor application to enable you to send your test cases directly to ReportPortal each time they are created and executed.


Please be aware that this integration has been carried out by the testRigor team.

  1. Open the testRigor application.

  2. Initiate integration with ReportPortal.

  • If you have already created Test Suites, enable integration by clicking on the necessary Test Suite name to navigate to the Test Cases page.
  • For Test Suites that are newly created, avoid generating the tests at the Test Suites level. Instead, proceed to the Test Cases.
  1. On the Test Cases page, locate and click on 'Settings' in the left sidebar.

  2. On the Settings page, select the Integrations tab.

  1. Find ReportPortal in the list.

  2. Enable the checkmark “Enable ReportPortal”. Additional fields will become available.

Web address: enter the web address of the ReportPortal instance you are working with.

Project name: specify the name of the RP project where your tests should run.

API Key: generate your API Key on the ReportPortal application, accessible via Profile page > API Keys tab, and input it here.

Launch name: Provide a launch name to ensure your tests are properly identified. Otherwise, it will be displayed in the format 'appName Run #ID'.

By selecting the "Ignore SSL Errors" checkbox, you will avoid recording any additional SSL logs.

Tick the checkbox for "Collect step statistics" if you want to view Steps level on ReportPortal.

Keep the checkbox for "Collect step statistics" unchecked to generate Nested Steps level in ReportPortal.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Save" button.

  2. Switch to the Test Cases Page using the left sidebar menu and create Test Cases.

  1. Switch to the Test Suite Details tab.

  2. Execute the Test Suite with the pre-created test cases.

  1. Open ReportPortal -> the project specified in the integration.

  2. Verify that Launch is available.

If you need to perform new executions, simply replicate the steps, and rerun the Test Suite, ensuring that the "Do not update ReportPortal" checkbox remains unchecked.