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Sauce Labs

To install the Sauce Labs plugin, see Upload plugin section.

Add the Sauce Labs integration

Configure the integration with Sauce Labs to watch a video of test executions in the our centralized test automation tool.


  • User with account role ADMINISTRATOR can configure the integration for the whole instance or per project.
  • User with account role PROJECT MANAGER can configure the integration only on a project where they are assigned on as Project Manager.

Global Sauce Labs integration

To configure Sauce Labs for the whole instance:

  1. Log in to ReportPortal as an ADMIN user.

  2. Open the list on the right of the user's image.

  3. Click the 'Administrative' link.

  4. Click 'Plugins' from the left-hand sidebar.

  5. Click the 'Sauce Labs' tab.

  6. Click 'Add integration'.

  7. The following fields should be present:

`User name`: <host_name_of_email_server>
`Access token`: <your access token>
`Data center`: <Europe, USA>
  1. Confirm data in the form.

After you've added the Sauce Labs integration, you can use the Sauce Labs in ReportPortal.

Project Sauce Labs integration

If the plugin is configured on the global level, then all projects at this instance will use this configuration by default.

However, you can unlink the integration from the global level and use a project level configuration instead.

To unlink the integration, click 'Unlink & Setup Manually', then follow the on-screen instructions.

How to use the Sauce Labs integration

Before using this feature, you should report test results to ReportPortal with the attribute: SLID: XXXXXXXX.

Where: SLID = Sauce Labs ID and XXXXXXXX = # of job in Sauce Labs

The SLID: XXXXXXXX attribute links the execution in ReportPortal and a job in Sauce Labs. If a test item has attribute SLID: XXXXXXXX, and there is a global or project integration with Sauce Labs, a user will be able to view a video from Sauce Labs for the appropriate job in ReportPortal on a log view.