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Version 23.1

1. What's Changed:

  • New ReportPortal logo We are thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity with a brand-new logo for ReportPortal. As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and evolution, we have embarked on a rebranding and redesign process to give our product a fresh, modern look and align with the exciting changes ahead.

  • Enhanced permissions: Unlock the power of collaboration with limitless access to project filters, widgets, and dashboards for every project member. Now it will be simpler.

  • Rally/Jira Server effortless Integration:
    Post issues from ReportPortal to Jira and Rally seamlessly, without manual credentials.

  • Updated widget validation: Easily create widgets with identical names across multiple dashboards.

  • Launch import improvements: Get enhanced flexibility with the possibility to upload launches as both .ZIP and .XML files.

  • Attributes logics improvement: No more need for creating separate rules for each attribute. Save your time with the integrated option to select either 'All' or 'Any' attributes when creating a Notification rule.

  • Additional email notification on password change: Email notifications will always be sent to you whenever your password is changed so that you could promptly take action in case any unauthorized changes are made by third parties.

2. Technical Improvements:

  • Initial Admin Passwords updates: We’ve adjusted the existing approach: upon the initial installation and the first login of the SuperAdmin, they will be required to create a unique initial password, distinct from the default password provided in the ReportPortal installation documentation. Failure to do so will result in the Auth service not starting.

  • Removal of Sure Python dependency: To ensure compatibility with the Apache2 license, we have eliminated Sure Python dependency from ReportPortal.

  • Updated RabbitMQ image RabbitMQ image updated to bitnami/rabbitmq:3.10.8-debian-11-r7

  • Services health checks Added health checks for API, Jobs, and UAT services

  • New environments variables for Double Entry that processes logs by Jobs service RP_PROCESSING_LOG_MAXBATCHSIZE and RP_PROCESSING_LOG_MAXBATCHTIMEOUT

3. Enhancements Based on Community Feedback:

  • #41. JIRA integration throws errors while setting up.
  • #243. Email not synchronized after change.
  • #287. Serviceui securityContext issue: The release UI image is now based on the non-root nginx image, which is more secure.
  • #1013. Display more results in Flaky/Most Failed test case tables: The number of items in Most failed test-cases table (TOP-20) has been increased from 20 to 50.
  • #1618. [v5] Okta SSO login is not possible.
  • #1790. URL links to dashboard are not loading the widgets.
  • #1868. Client exception with client-javascript, Request failed with status code 400: The maximum length of Attribute Key and Value has been increased to 512 characters.
  • #1891. Cannot report test results to the project with "demo" name.
  • #1912. Cloud Jira Integration Post Issue is not Coming.
  • #3132. Component Health Check - Needs to wrap text: The table now includes a new column named 'Name'. Hovering over the value in the table will display a tooltip with the full text of the value.

4. CVE addressed:

6. Released versions

Service NameRepositoryTag
Auto Analyzerreportportal/service-auto-analyzer5.7.5
Metrics Gathererreportportal/service-metrics-gatherer5.7.4