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Version 24.1

1. What's Changed:

  • New feature – Immediate Auto-Analysis:
    This feature employs Auto-Analysis based on specific test cases immediately after their completion for proactive issue investigation.

  • New feature – Immediate Pattern-Analysis:
    No more need to wait for the launch finish. Initiate Pattern Analysis immediately after completion of specific test cases.

  • New Integration – Gitlab Plugin:
    New BTS plugin expanding ReportPortal BTS integration options for streamlined bugs reporting, issues.

  • New feature – Retention Policy for Monitoring events
    Set a custom retention period for monitoring events via environmental variables to tailor data management to your organizational needs.

  • Settings redesign
    Project Settings were redesigned completely, setting the stage for a whole new ReportPortal experience.
    For an improved user experience, please ensure you are using the latest versions of ReportPortal plugins.

  • New language introduced
    Users can now utilize the interface in Chinese and are encouraged to contribute to further translations or improve the existing ones.

2. Small Updates:

  • Change in Base for AA:
    New options for Base for Auto Analysis have been introduced.

  • Enhanced Monitoring:
    Improved Filtering on Monitoring page and expanded list of events being tracked

3. Technical Improvements:

  • ElasticSearch has been replaced with OpenSearch.
    Following ElasticSearch's re-licensing in version 7.11, we've transitioned to OpenSearch to uphold our focus on open-source compatibility.

Migration from ElasticSearch to OpenSearch is irrevocable.


Some of the environmental variables names are still ElasticSearch specific, but it will be corrected in the future versions. `

  • Service-api migration to Java 21

  • Introduced JCloud provider for local file access, replacing the existing filesystem implementation.

  • Added support for providing a custom salt key using secret management tool to enhance security and flexibility.

  • A new engine for the frontend part of the plugins was created based on Webpack Module Federation to simplify the process of plugins development.

4. Enhancements Based on Community Feedback:

  • #3132 Component Health Check widget improvements.

  • #308 Ability to specify filter parameters in the URL has been added.

  • #2148 Duplicated error logs issue solved.

  • #2159 Option to either include skipped test into Flaky test cases table (TOP 50) widget added.

  • #520, #2006 Launch import improvements.

  • #64, #315 Service-jobs issue fix.

  • #1841, #1999 PR was rejected as it contained breaking changes. Instead new converter for openmetrics was added to configuration.

5. CVE addressed:

CVE-2023-44487, CVE-2023-3978, CVE-2023-1436, CVE-2022-1471, CVE-2022-42003, CVE-2020-36518, CVE-2022-45688, CVE-2023-5072, CVE-2022-22965, CVE-2023-20863, CVE-2022-2297, CVE-2022-1471

6. Released versions

Service NameRepositoryTag
Auto Analyzerreportportal/service-auto-analyzer5.11.0
Metrics Gathererreportportal/service-metrics-gatherer5.11.0