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Edit personal information

To navigate to the User Profile page, open menu at the bottom of the page and select "Profile" option.

The User Profile page consists of the following elements:

  • Personal information and photo – JPEG, PNG, GIF file, with a file size limit no more than 1 MB and 300x500px.

  • Project Assignment – is the list of your projects and the specified roles that are tied to them. This is a read-only list.

  • API Keys - unique tokens that grant access to the ReportPortal REST API.

  • Configuration Examples

Edit name, email and password

You can edit the name, email and password fields.


The specified login at user creation cannot be changed.

To edit the full name and/or email, click on the "Edit personal information" button. The full name and email fields will become available.

The full name allows: 3-256 symbols, English, Latin, Cyrillic, numeric characters and the following symbols: hyphen, underscore, dot, and space. The email should be unique in ReportPortal.

Make changes and click the "Save" button.


Personal information for a GitHub user cannot be changed.

Change password

To change your password in ReportPortal, click on the "Change password" button above the form and enter:

  • Old password
  • New password
  • Confirm new password

Check the box "Show password" to verify the password entered is what you intended to enter.

Fill in these fields and click the "Submit" button under the form.


GitHub users cannot change the password on ReportPortal.