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Integration via plugin

Users can enhance ReportPortal by adding additional integrations with:

If you're keen on incorporating ReportPortal with other external systems, and can't find the necessary tab in the Project Settings, please refer to the Plugins section in our documentation for guidance. Our test reporting tool integrates seamlessly, allowing for a streamlined connection with external systems.

The integrations can be added at a global level, applicable for all projects on an instance, in the Administrate section. Alternatively, they can be specific to a project and can be configured in the Project Settings.

For those who require a different configuration to other projects, or want to integrate only their specific project with an external system, the following steps could be followed:

  1. Log into ReportPortal as a PROJECT MANAGER or ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Navigate to Project settings > Integrations

  3. Click on one of the shown integration panels

  4. Click on the button titled "Unlink and setup manually"

Performing these steps will unlink your current project from the global settings and initiate your own configuration.


If you unlink project setting and ADMIN changes global settings for the whole instance, your project will use your project settings.

To revert to the global settings, click the button titled "Reset to global settings". This action will erase your settings, and the integration will revert to using the global settings.

Remember, you can always reset to the global settings.