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To integrate your Java test framework with ReportPortal, you need to create a file named in your in your Java project in a source folder src/main/resources or src/test/resources (depending on where your tests are located):





Property description

rp.endpoint - the URL for the report portal server (actual link).

rp.api.key - an access token for Report Portal which is used for user identification. It can be found on your report portal user profile page.

rp.project - a project code on which the agent will report test launches. Must be set to one of your assigned projects.

rp.launch - a user-selected identifier of test launches.


Starting from the Service Release 23.1++, rp.uuid was renamed to rp.api.key.

This set of properties will allow you to report your tests. And there are more properties available for fine grain tuning of integration.

If you need a sophisticated and full-featured integration with a test framework, you can configure it by your self.

All agents use client-java to communicate with ReportPortal API and as common code library. Also you can use any combination of agent and logger.