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Overall statistics

The panel shows a summary of test cases with each status for each selected launch.

Widget's parameters:

  • Filter: At least one filter is required
  • Items: 1-150. The default meaning is 50.
  • Widget Criteria: All criteria are selected by default.
  • Type of view: Panel view/ Donut view
  • Mode All launches/ Latest launches

Widget view

The widget shows statistics of the All launches/or Latest launches for the chosen filter. Statistics are divided into the following sections:

  • Skipped, Passed, Failed
  • Product Bug, System Issue, Automation Bug, No Defect and To Investigate.

The statistics for every type are shown in percentages. On hover, the exact number is shown for each type. The Widget has clickable sections when you click on a specified section in the widget, the system forwards you to launch view for appropriate selection.

If you chose All launches mode, the widget will show the statistics about all launches in the filter. To view only the latest executions of each launch, you should choose Latest launches.

The widget can be viewed in two options as shown on pictures: Panel view

or Donut view.


The widget doesn't contain "IN PROGRESS" launches.