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Unique bugs table

The widget shows real identified bugs, posted to the Bug Tracking System from ReportPortal, and existing bugs, that were added to the items on ReportPortal.

Widget's parameters:

  • Filter: At least one filter is required
  • Items: 1-150. The default meaning is 10.

Widget view

The widget has a table view and bugs that are found are then sorted by the date they were posted or added.

The widget has the following data displayed:

  • Bug ID - links to the issue in Bug Tracking System.
  • Found in - links to the test item, to which the bug was posted/added.
  • Submit date - the date the bug was submitted/added. Time is displayed in 'time ago' format (i.e. "10 minutes ago"). On mouse hover, the system should display accurate action time.
  • Submitter - user, who submitted/added the bug.

The bugs from launches "IN PROGRESS" are not shown on the widget. In case a bug is found in multiple items, all of the items will be listed in the "Found in" column.